Leadership in nursing education takes spotlight after RNB conference

Nurses at the meeting
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Leadership in nursing education took the spotlight in a meeting the day following the conclusion of the Forty-Fifth Annual General Meeting of the Regional Nursing Body (RNB) at the headquarters of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), in Guyana, 7-9 August, 2018.

The group of Chief Nursing Officers, representatives of Nursing Councils, representatives from Regional Universities, the World Health Organisation (WHO), Pan American health organisation (PAHO) and Caribbean Association of Midwifery was joined by final year nursing students and other senior nursing educators to discuss a theme relevant to education chosen by the host country.

This year, the theme was “Leadership and governance in nursing today”. It is customary that following the three-day Annual General Meeting of the RNB, a fourth day focusing on nursing education, with a specific theme chosen by the host country, is added. The idea is to give the host country an opportunity to identify relevant priority areas as it relates to nursing and health care and nursing education.

The meeting underway at the CARICOM Secretariat

For this session there were three presenters. The first presenter was Dr. Mandy LeFleur, Consultant Nursing and Midwifery, Ministry of Public Health Guyana. Her presentation examined the different generations of nursing and how to address the needs of each generation while working in a multi-generational society and the implications for nurse leaders.

A second presentation was done by Cleopatra Barkoye, a Senior Nursing Educator at the Georgetown School of Nursing. Her main focus was on empowerment in nursing leadership.

The third presentation was from Winifred Razack, Lecturer in the Department of Public Health at the University of Guyana. Her presentation focused on influencing the changing health care systems and service delivery from a nurse’s perspective.

According to the Coordinator, Health and Human Development at the CARICOM Secretariat, Ms. Beverly Reynolds, the session was useful and productive and the theme was appropriate.

“I found the theme relevant and timely and the presentations were stimulating”, she said.

According to her, nurse leaders needed to know and understand the generations they were working with as well as how to motivate and encourage them. She said additionally that addressing empowerment of nurses showed the leaders how they could motivate and encourage themselves and others and demonstrated how nurses could influence change in health systems and service delivery. She also explained that nurses helped to influence change especially because they were the first point of contact with clients in the health care system which she said was important since it could influence clients’ perception about the health care system as well as access to health care.


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