‘We are running out of time’: Caribbean citizens, leaders raise voices in face of climate change

(Photo via the World Bank)
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Every day, Caribbean countries are already living the effects of changing climate. As storms and natural disasters becoming more frequent and severe, the small island nations have embarked on a quest for becoming more resilient to climate events and other economic shocks. The 2017 Hurricane season was the most devastating season on record in terms of cost. For many, it was a stark reminder of how the entire economy of a small nation can be wiped out in a few hours and everyone on the island gets impacted.

As we launched a twitter poll on @WBCaribbean to ask followers what is the greatest risk faced by the Caribbean today? 45% of the Twitter users answered that “natural disasters are the most relevant threat”, followed by climate change (32%) and high debt (23%).

Even though a Twitter poll might not provide a representative sample, the results echo the opinions of the leaders that recently gathered in Washington for the Caribbean Resilience Conference.

Read more at: The World Bank

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