The Big Question: What are the Actions Required for A Resilient and Secure Caribbean?

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(CDEMA Press Release) – Climate change, development and security issues require commitment to improving sustainable policy actions. Resilient development is not just about survival and bouncing back, but about being able to thrive. This was the focus of the panel discussion on ‘The Big Question: What are the Actions Required for a Resilient and Secure Caribbean?’ with regional policy makers, practitioners and the youth during the regional consultation on ‘Climate and Security in the Caribbean: A Roadmap to Resilience’, which was held at the Renaissance Convention Centre in Aruba on December 13, 2018.

The discussions highlighted the importance of pursuing resilience-building to all stakeholders. Resilience is a part of daily life when facing climate change and it is critical to develop adaptive capacity. The youth also lent their voices to the discussions and emphasised the importance of engaging the youth who are capable of bringing new perspectives to addressing the climate change issue and building their capacity to play a greater role in the resilience agenda.

At the end of the consultation, stakeholders agreed on some key outcomes including strengthening regional coordination, improving capacity (including financial mechanisms) and enhancing knowledge on climate and security; advancing food and water security and renewable energy transition; and advocating for stronger political support.

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