CRIP implementers’ capacity to monitor, evaluate programmes being enhanced

Staff from the CARICOM Secretariat participating in the Forum
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Implementers of the Caribbean Regional Indicative Programme (CRIP) across the Region are expected to be better able to monitor and evaluate their activities after attending a  two-day Regional Workshop on the Monitoring Framework. The Forum is being held at the Radisson Aquatic Resort in Barbados 31 January – 1 February 2019.

There are approximately 30 participants from Regional Implementing Agencies of European Development Fund (EDF) and  CRIP. The training targets personnel with responsibility for reporting to the CARIFORUM Directorate and the CARICOM Secretariat on the EDF Programmes. Its purpose is to introduce stakeholders to the EDF Monitoring Framework for the CRIP. The aim is also to build the capacity of stakeholders to use the EDF CRIP Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (M,E &R) tools; and finalise EDF CRIP Monitoring Framework and associated tools for use by stakeholders.

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Speaking at the opening of the Forum, Director General of CARIFORUM, Mr. Percival Marie said it was important to monitor and evaluate the programme to ensure that the funds received from the European Union (EU) were being used efficiently. Additional, the Director General told delegates that there were regulations being implemented where the resources would either have to be used or they would be lost.

“In recent times, we have committed resources for particular action and because these actions have not been implemented in a timely manner as a Region we have lost resources available to us,” Mr. Marie explained.

He said it was important to have a proper monitoring framework that keeps track of what is being done and when it is being done and how efficiently. He expressed the view that the system needed to give an early warning when things were going wrong and afforded the opportunity to make adjustments where necessary. According to Mr. Marie, it was against that background that the workshop was being done. He added that the purpose was to ensure that the persons involved in implementing the programmes were familiar with the regulations and participated in the design of a system that they would be required to operate.

The workshop is funded under the 10th Europen Development Fund Regional Indicative Programme through a dedicated Technical Cooperation Facility (TCF).

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