Govt going all the way to the CCJ

Chief Justice (ag) Roxanne George- Wiltshire (Photo via Guyana Chronicle)
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(Department of Public Information) The Coalition Government, through its representatives, has indicated its intent to challenge the ruling of the Chief Justice (ag), Roxanne George to the highest court of the land, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

The acting Chief Justice today delivered her judgements in the challenges to the December 21 vote. In her determination, she ruled that vis-à-vis;

(i) Former MP Charrandass Persaud, by virtue of his dual citizenship, was unqualified to serve in the National Assembly;

(ii) Notwithstanding his disqualification, his vote during the no-confidence motion was valid;

(iii) The no-confidence motion, filed on December 21, was validly passed;

(iv) A majority in the 65 seat National Assembly is 33 seats.

(v) In accordance with the Constitution, with specific emphasis on Article 106 (7), Cabinet resigns on the successful passing of a No Confidence Motion;

(vi) The Attorney General is free to appeal the matter and apply for a stay of the orders.

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