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Sonja and Suraya Chase from the musical duo known as EKO are part of the Chase family (Photo via Newsday)
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(Trinidad and Tobago Newsday)THE Greek myth of Narcissus inspired the name of local band, Eko.

In the story, Narcissus falls in love with his own reflection after seeing himself in a river. He eventually pines away at the river’s edge. Echo, a nymph, falls in love with him but under a spell by Hera she can only repeat other people’s utterances. When the dying Narcissus calls “farewell” to his own image, Echo can only repeat the words — a final good-bye. In the place where Narcissus dies, a beautiful flower grows. All that is left of Echo after, is her voice.

For the Chase sisters, Sonja, 23, and Suraya, 24, the story moved them to name their band Eko because, they said, “if anything, even if we decide to not sing anymore, what we have given to the industry will remain.”

Sonja, Suraya, another sister Siobhan, and their mother Judith, were highlighted in Newsday’s January 30 article, Graduating with your mum. It related Sonja, Siobhan and Judith’s academic successes and graduation from the University of the West Indies’ Faculty of Social Sciences on the same day, last year.

This achievement revealed Sonja and Suraya’s journey in music, and their debut of Keep Calm for Carnival 2019 – leading them to the finals of the IShine soca competition on Friday at MovieTowne, Port of Spain.

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