Wake Up and Smell Organic Coffee

Dorienne Rowan Campbell is an organic coffee farmer in Grenada (Photo via IPS)
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BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe, Feb 20 2019 (IPS) – In 1992, the idea of replanting her father’s ruined coffee farm seemed foolhardy at the time. But in retrospect it was the best business decision that Dorienne Rowan-Campbell, an international development consultant and broadcast journalist, could have made.

Nearly three decades later, Rowan-Campbell grows organic coffee on her two hectare, Rowan’s Royale farm. The nearly 60-year-old farm is situated on a steep slope in western Portland, a parish in northeast Jamaica overlooking the famous Blue Mountains, known for their coffee plantations.

Freshly picked coffee beans (Photo via IPS)

Rowan-Campbell is a select grower of the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, one of the most rare and expensive coffees, favoured for making delectable espresso.

“I was foolhardy I just wanted to get up in the mountains and try farming,” Rowan-Campbell tells IPS about her foray into growing coffee, an energy-boosting beverage loved the world over, which may well become scarce, thanks to climate change.

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