Strive for gender balance

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by Suleiman Bulbulia

(Barbados Today) The Creator in His infinite wisdom created a man and a woman and from those two came millions upon millions of human beings over the thousands of years of our existence. That is what our belief systems teach us.

It is noteworthy that in our world today there are almost 7.7 billion people and statistics show that it is almost divided equally between men and women. Half the world is men and the other half is women.

Last Friday, the world community celebrated International Women’s Day. March 8th is dedicated to women. This day has its origins in the early 20th century as a symbol of women attaining increased rights and privileges which men enjoyed long before. The United Nations formerly recognised International Women’s Day in 1975. It is to be noted that in some places, this day is a day of protest while in others, it is a day of celebration.

This year, I raised the question on my social media platforms as to ‘International Men’s Day’, not realizing it does exist. Apparently, it is observed on November 19th. However, further research has shown me that while it is observed in 80 countries and backed by UNESCO, it is not listed by the United Nations as one of their adopted Days similar to International Women’s Day which appears on their list of ‘International Days’.

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