Will automation undermine or enhance human development?

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Imagine a community without trending conversations around the new world of work, artificial intelligence, and disruptive technology? One word – Obsolete.

In an effort to spark dialogue and new perspectives, Dr. Allan Wright, the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) economist in Nassau, recently gave a presentation at The University of The Bahamas (UB) on the economic climate of The Bahamas in relation to the Caribbean region as well as current and future societal trends linked to the impact of technological changes.

A discussion on the role of automation in the economy of the future was a prevailing theme during the discussion. “This will help young people to make wise career decisions in that they will be living and working in a labour market that will change rapidly and consistently.” Dr. Wright shared his insights on how young people can prepare themselves to take advantage of the opportunities that will come with an increase in automation in the labour force, specifically on how the understanding of the global economic climate provides knowledge on the future of work and ways in which that will change.

Natasha Turnquest, Adjunct Professor at the School of Social Sciences at the University of The Bahamas challenges her students to be proactive and assertive. Professor Turnquest emphasized that, “These traits are going to be critical to the success of students in the future.” With the goal of engaging her students though interactive sessions, she indicated that Dr. Wright’s presentation on the role of automation in the economies of the future was meant to inspire and be instructive. She specifically asked that Dr. Wright share his insights of his professional experience working in an international organization that engages daily with the Government and the people of The Bahamas to promote the nation’s economic development.

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