K2K sisters invoke sense of freedom with new fashion collection

Photography: Gary Jordan Hairstylist: Kerry Mohammed Makeup Artist: Analese Redman Model: Tanisha Lalla (via LoopTT)
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(LoopTT) Sitting in their New York City apartment one day, Kathy and Karen Norman were watching the sun fade over the Hudson River, the rapidly declining peach glow lighting up the sky giving a smoldering illusion to the Manhattan skyline.

“As Manhattan burned, we thought of home. We remembered a life from a distant past, echoes of waves crashing on Maracas beach, visions of frothy bubbles kissing the shore, and the taste of salt against my lips. But even as we tried to hold onto those memories, they blurred and bled like the slices of oranges and reds that bruised the Hudson River. And as we watched Manhattan burn, and the Hudson bleed, we thought, every now and then, you just need to ESCAPE,” they said via email.

That need to escape is the philosophy behind NORMI & NORMI Inc, a new fashion house from the twin sisters known in the Carnival world as K2K. Their fashion meets mas Carnival band has been dominating the medium band of the year category since inception and walked away with the first overall Band of the Year title in 2019.

Through their band, the sisters have sealed their reputation for their creativity, artistry and fearless design aesthetic.

NORMI continues that trend with its bold, colourful designs.

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