CDB Director pleads for easier intra-regional travel

Dr. Justin Ram
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(Guyana Chronicle) Director of Economics at the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), Dr Justin Ram, has said that intra-regional travel should be made easier for Caribbean citizens so that governments can cash-in on greater cash flows within the region.

Speaking at a recent Private Sector forum, Dr Ram said, “What I’m saying to governments across the Caribbean is reduce taxes on travel and aviation and let’s get more regional travel.”

He highlighted that over the last 10 years, a majority of Caribbean citizens were travelling extra-regionally, particularly to destinations in North America and Europe, while intra-regional travel declined.

He said that the decline in this intra-regional travel was owed to the high taxes and fees associated.

And pleading with governments to make this intra-regional travel easier, the economist said: “You will recoup the revenues because I know when people travel to your country, they will be buying stuff and they will be paying more Value Added tax (VAT).”

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