How can art become the Caribbean’s new economic engine

Sheena Rose (Photo via IDB)
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(IDB) A lonely girl in Barbados needed to draw. It was an “urgency,” she says. Starting with one simple notebook, Sheena Rose would eventually turn her house into an art-filled exhibition space, attracting hundreds of visitors and international attention.

That was only the beginning. In a country without a modern art museum, Rose took her creations to the city streets, saw them featured on book covers and traveled south to create billboards in Suriname. She exploded on social media, and her work eventually reached international collections and art biennales.

(Photo vi IDB)

Leading by example, Rose believes that the region’s talent can spur economic growth.

“I’ve been doing this for years to prove what creativity can do, to show how to be successful,” she says. “Dream, don’t give up and keep working. People are listening right now.”

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