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Barbados Chief Cultural Officer, Ms. Andrea Wells
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(Barbados Today) As the official Barbados delegation prepares to head to Trinidad and Tobago later this week to attend the fourteenth edition of the Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA XIV), Chief Cultural Officer, Andrea Wells says she is pleased with the number of entrepreneurs selling arts and crafts that are willing to attend the event “on their own steam”.

Speaking at a press conference at the National Cultural Foundation’s West Terrace headquarters, Wells said: “Over the last four years, we have noticed more entrepreneurs coming out, including visual artists, writers, and craftspeople, who are willing to pay their way to attend CARIFESTA.

“This year, we have ten such artists taking part along with the official 55-member delegation.”

She said while they were not part of the official delegation, they were free to participate in the events that group was coordinating and the NCF did facilitate them in terms of shipping their material and taking care of any other needs they were unable to handle on their own.

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