Five Dead, at least 21 injured in Abaco

A scene in The Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian
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Initial reports have confirmed five people dead and at least twenty one injured on Abaco in the aftermath of destructive Hurricane Dorian, Prime Minister of The Bahamas, Dr. Hubert Minnis confirmed Monday, according to The Tribune. Dr. Minnis said the Royal Bahamas Police Force confirmed the tragic news of the deaths, adding that teams were set to go into Abaco as soon as possible for proper assessment and identification.

The Prime Minister was unable to give details or reveal any identifying factors related to the victims. However one of the victims was identified by his grandmother Ingrid McIntosh as seven-year-old Lachino McIntosh.

During a press conference at the National Emergency Management Agency, Dr Minnis said initial assessments of Abaco had shown unprecedented devastation. He said there was extraordinary flooding and damage to infrastructure.

Dr Minnis said recovery efforts would commence in the coming days as officials sought to help the victims. He also explained that exigency orders to cover Abaco and its cays and Grand Bahama along with Sweeting’s Cay and Deep Water Cay were signed at Cabinet the previous morning. He further informed that a hurricane relief and recovery committee was being formed and a coordinator will be chosen as soon as possible.

I wish to report that the United States (Coast) Guard is already on the ground in Abaco and has rescued a number of injured individuals. Critically injured individuals are being taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital here on New Providence. Through various channels we are continuing to monitor events in Abaco and Grand Bahama as well as Bimini and the Berry Islands, which are continuing to receive tropical storm winds. And New Providence Andros and Eleuthera have been given the all clear Prime Minister Minnis said.

He also urged residents of these islands to be careful and diligent as they move about as there was still flooding in a number of areas.

At its maximum strength Dorian packed winds of 185mph, leaving ruin in its path. While Dorian was downgraded to a category four hurricane with winds of 150 miles per hour, it battered Grand Bahama for the better part of Monday and early this morning. Many residents on that island were trapped in their homes, either climbing into their ceilings or venturing out into the storm.

Reporters on ZNS Grand Bahama, before the station went offline yesterday evening, read desperate pleas for help from many residents who were reportedly trapped on the eastern end of the island.

There were calls from officials earlier in the day to people who have jet skis to go out and help with rescue efforts on the island.

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