Justin Poleon’s dream comes true

A dream come true for Justin Poleon (Photo via Barbados Today)
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(Barbados Today) Justin Poleon is jetting off to Madrid, Spain. The talented 28-year-old has been cast to be part of The Lion King Madrid production. The dancer, choreographer, teacher, coach, and mentor has signed on to a 14-month contract with the play.

“I am super, super happy but I am also absolutely nervous. I am not only going there to represent myself as a dancer I am going to represent all the other dancers, artists, teachers and future dancers. I am doing this to simply say by my actions: ‘it is possible’.”

Justin spoke candidly to Bajan Vibes in an exclusive interview about his journey to this point in his career. He also explained how the dream job all came about.

“I literally stumbled upon the email one day while working with one of my pageant contestants. I saw something saying Lion King Madrid and that they are looking to give me a job offer. I was shocked. I even doubted the authenticity of the email. I came to my laptop, read it and reacted. My mum who outside came in when she heard the commotion and was like ‘Oh My God!’ I kept saying ‘is this real?’ But as I scrolled down, I realized it had all the official artwork and branding on it.”

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