Koffee Cops Grammy Nomination With EP, Rapture

Koffee (Photo via The Guardian)
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(Jamaica Gleaner) In addition to her age, the other elements that take the euphoria of 19-year-old Koffee’s Reggae Grammy nomination up a few notches are the fact that she did it on her first-ever attempt, and her submission is not a full-length album.

Reggae artiste and promoter of the annual Rebel Salute festival, Tony Rebel, echoed the sentiments of many persons when he told The Gleaner that he was “particularly impressed with Koffee, especially since she got nominated based on an EP ( Rapture)”. There is a wider conversation which revolves around what is an album and what is an EP and the merits of each. The term EP simply means Extended Play. It is defined as “something between a single and a full CD (or LP); a little too short to be a full CD and a little too long to be a single.” An EP usually has three to five tracks and an album generally contains eight songs or more. The average EP is usually made up of a mixture of original songs, ones that haven’t already been released in another type of project.

For purposes of the Grammy Awards, Koffee’s debut EP, Rapture, is considered an album. According to the website National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which produces the Grammy Awards, “For purposes of eligibility, the Academy defines an album as having no less than five different tracks, and having a total playing time of no less than 15 minutes.”

Rapture comprises five tracks, three of which were previously released, Toast, Throne, and Raggamuffin, and two new tracks, Blazin and the title track, Rapture. It is 15 minutes and 30 seconds in length.

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