Haiti Independence anniversary continues to be source of inspiration, resilience

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Congratulatory message by CARICOM Secretary-General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque to President of Haiti, His Excellency Jovenel Moise on the occasion of Haiti’s 216th Independence Anniversary

“The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Government and People of the Republic of Haiti on the occasion of the Two Hundred and Sixteenth Anniversary of their Independence on the First of January 2020.

The glorious event that is celebrated on that day retains its extraordinary historic and symbolic value for the Government and People of Haiti, as well as for the People of the wider Region.

Excellency, this watershed event will continue to be a source of inspiration and resilience, as well as a guiding light as the Government and People of Haiti move forward to overcome the challenges of social, economic and political development, all to the benefit of the People of your proud country and the promise of a better future.

I join with the Caribbean Community in extending our best wishes on this auspicious occasion and look forward to working with the Government and People of Haiti as the country strives towards sustainable development.”

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