PM Mottley urges new oil producers not to abandon green energy

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(Barbados Today) As Guyana and Suriname strike it rich with massive oil and gas finds, the Prime Minister (of Barbados, the Hon. Mia Mottley) warned Monday morning that this fortune should not become an excuse to abandon green energy in their quest to build resilient economies.

She told Trinidad and Tobago’s annual Energy Conference at the Port of Spain Hyatt Regency Hotel that the Caribbean must begin an important discussion on what role traditional hydrocarbon-based companies will play to combat the climate crisis.

Mottley said: “There is a future for energy in the region, and that energy is both the hydrocarbon industry and the renewable energy industry.

“In Port of Spain in December of 2018, we met at the Hilton Hotel, and we signed a declaration, which reflected our commitment for the first stage to bring the regional private sector and the regional labour movement into the Conference of Heads of Government, such that there can be major players as we build out the growth prospects for this region.

“One of the four areas identified for immediate involvement of our private sector, which has now established the Private Sector Association, and will be sitting at the table formally for the first time (at this month’s Inter-sessional Heads of Government Conference)… is the area of renewable energy.”

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