Dominican researcher gets published by American ‘Journal of Soil and Plant Biology’

Sheldon Hillaire at work (Photo via Dominica News Online)
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(Dominica News Online) Sheldon Hilaire, a Dominican scientist and student residing in the United States, has had his work published by Ocimum Scientific Publishers in their 2019 ‘Journal of Soil and Plant Biology’.

The article, ‘Changes in Soil and Plant Microbial Community Populations Following Administration of Manure Containing Oxytetracycline or Monensin’ was written by Hilaire and his peers during his pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science from Tarleton State University.

Sheldon Hilaire (Photo via Dominica News Online)

In an exclusive interview with Dominica News Online (DNO), the Castle Comfort-native stated that he had been “intrigued” by antibiotics since he obtained his undergraduate degree in Biology in 2011.

Hilaire then used DNA sequencing to determine whether the presence of antibiotics in dairy manure can affect the microbial communities in plants and soil set up in a greenhouse.

“I realized that over the years… society on a whole started using a lot more antibiotics—not only to treat us, humans, but we also give a lot to animals for growth promotion, for example with cattle to ensure that they are more beefed up or they produce more milk… and also mainly for disease treatment and prevention,” he said. “But a lot of times, we end up probably giving these animals more than they need, so those antibiotics, they are partially metabolized by the animals, but a lot of it ends up in their excrement. And then, of course, we know manure is a good source of nutrients for growing crops and therefore the manure containing the antibiotics is applied to cropland.”

Hilaire went on to reveal that this investigation was inspired by the farming practices used in the area in which he lived during his graduate program.

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