Dominica’s Alix Boyd-Knights given title of Speaker Emeritus

Speaker Emeritus Boyd-Knights (centre, front row) with government parliamentarians (Photo via Dominica News Online)
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(Dominica News Online) Former Speaker of the House, Alix Boyd-Knights has been designated Speaker Emeritus.

The honour was conferred on the former Speaker at the First Meeting of the First Session of Tenth Parliament on Monday.

The word Emeritus is applied to professions where a retired member may continue to hold a title in an honorary capacity.

In Boyd-Knights case, she served as the House Speaker for over twenty years and was officially replaced by Joseph Issac, former Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central Constituency.

In her acceptance speech, Boyd-Knights expressed gratitude to all those who supported her during her journey.

“It is so nice to be appreciated and I am very grateful to the honourable prime minister and the members of the government side and all those persons who have met me and told me I will always be Madam Speaker,” she said.

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