Kittitian Art Director doing her part to inspire new generation of Caribbean Creatives

Naadiya Mills (Photo via OECS Press Room)
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This month, OECS YES In Action caught up with Naadiya Mills, a 29 year old creative strategist from St. Kitts and Nevis advocating for a more inclusive industry and paving the way for Caribbean perspectives !

Tell us a little about yourself

My gravitation toward creativity and artistic expression was very apparent at an early age. I had the ability to do things that really stood out to my parents, including building a complex 3D giraffe sculpture made of toy blocks at the age of 2. It was puzzling to my mom how something so intricate appeared in the living room next to her toddler. It was very clear to my parents that being creative filled my spirit. I was never without a sketchbook, crayons, paints or coloring pencils. They have been great supporters of my journey to be an inspirational artist from the very beginning.

I have had many supportive persons in my life, encouraging me to complete a Bachelors of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Graphic Design – as well as completing Portfolio School, receiving a certificate in Art Direction from Miami Ad School. Along my journey, I have had the opportunity to intern for Advertising Agencies in the United States, such as BBDO (Atlanta), Ogilvy (New York) and BrightHouse, A Boston Consulting Group Company (Atlanta). I’ve been able to work on brand accounts such as Lays, Norwegian Cruise Line, Vaseline, Coors Light, The Washington Post and many more.

My closest friend describes me as being tenacious and ambitious. I have always had her trust, in whatever overachieving ideas I have thrown her way. She will tell you that I have an ability to find creative ways to achieve whatever I set my mind to. My creative peers and professors would describe me as highly intuitive and incredibly strategic. I like to describe myself as uniquely normal. I have an unassuming presence. However, I am highly observant and constantly thinking of the most profound things, all while processing how to find innovative solutions to my observations. I am never without an idea. The world is a puzzle of which I try to organize it’s chaos in my mind. I have a deep love for puzzles that I carried with me from childhood.

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