Catholic priest releases remake of calypso with COVID-19 message

Fr. Brancker John (Photo via Dominica News Online)
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(Dominica News Online) Catholic priest, Fr. Brancker John, has released a remake of his famous calypso single “Watch Out For The Virus” to raise awareness and to prevent the spread the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the island.

Fr. John was a former calypso monarch and composed the song’s melody in 1995 with a previous message to watch out for the HIV/AIDS virus, warning people to be cautious in their behaviour.

This was the first song that he sang in a calypso monarch competition.

“Given what is happening now with the COVID-19, I just rewrote the lyrics, updated it and made it more appropriate for the times now. As it says in the song, is to help us be cautious, to be careful that we don’t want to spread the virus,” he said in an interview with Dominica News Online (DNO).

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