BVI announces initiative to assist security officers during pandemic


Premier Andrew Fahie has announced an initiative that will see border security officers receiving a monthly allowance in the wake of the pandemic.

Speaking during a press conference earlier this week, Fahie said the allowance will go to each officer involved in the territory’s border security initiative.

The Premier did not disclose the exact sum of money that will be issued but said it is an incentive for the border security officers’ hard work during this time.

“We have boosted our manpower for law enforcement and border protection by redeploying personnel from within our systems and may I add that we are making sure that allowances will be passed for all officers monthly who are part of the security team during the COVID-19 era until those officers are no longer deployed in that capacity.”

“We want to do that not only for our law enforcement but across the board for those who have fought so hard with COVID-19. We have to reward our people even in these bitter hard times … because not only are they working now, they are actually putting their lives on the line.”

The Premier also said the Government is putting the necessary measures in place to increase the overall fleet size of law enforcement vessels to further protect and strengthen the territory’s borders. “By next week, Customs should have at least three more vessels on the water when all of the parts reach. Within the next month, Customs and police will have at least seven more vessels out there combined and we have other areas that we are bringing to strengthen our border in terms of equipment and material resources,” he said.

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