UK Ships Ready to Swing into Action this Hurricane Season

RFA Argus at sea. (Photo via British High Commission Bridgetown)

(British High Commission, Bridgetown Press Release) The UK ships RFA Argus and HMS Medway recently sailed into Bridgetown, Barbados, to replenish supplies ahead of anticipated hurricanes. The two ships form the UK’s immediate response to any disasters which may hit the Caribbean.

Embarked on board the ships are different teams working together as a UK Task Group. They have been supporting British Overseas Territories and other Caribbean nations in the region, rehearsing the delivery of disaster relief and conducting maritime security patrols and counter-narcotics operations with local police forces. Recent exercises have taken place in the British Virgin Islands, Montserrat, the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Cayman Islands.

Both Argus and Medway are equipped with helicopters to deliver supplies as well as sea boats with a specialist Commando team of Royal Marines who can make direct beach landings.

Full compliance with Barbados’s COVID-19 protocols kept the crew and Barbadians safe from the virus. The RFA Chief Officer of Logistics Supply on board RFA Argus, Jane Struthers, said: “RFA Argus worked closely with the Barbados Port Authority and the Barbados Defence Force on security and safety measures for this visit. All essential workers were wearing appropriate PPE equipment.”

RFA Argus and HMS Medway stand ready to swing into action whenever this is needed during the hurricane season.

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