Caribbean Producers: Consumer Demand for Pure and Simple Products is Only Natural

(Photo via Caribbean Export)

(Caribbean Export) Health-conscious consumers are driving the increasing demand for natural products and ingredients. 

Research shows that the global natural food and drinks market was valued at $79.1 million in 2016 and is estimated to reach $191.9 million by 2023 – a compound annual growth rate of 17.6%. The term ‘natural’ has a range of connotations, but all of them are overwhelmingly positive, and signify how invested consumers are in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In a 2018 global study, Ipsos asked consumers to interpret the term ‘natural’ and the three most common associations were:

• Healthy.
• No artificial ingredients.
• 100% from nature.

The public gravitates towards natural products because they believe these offer health benefits which cannot be replicated by man-made substances.

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