Meet The Designer – DrielleDranelle

Elle and Edranelle Heyliger (Photo via Carib Export)

(CaribExport) Elle and Edranelle Heyliger are siblings from Grenada who discovered their love of creating their own looks from a young age.

Having learned from a young age to improvise with their own wardrobes, the sisters were motivated to take sewing lessons and as a result, came together to form their own company specialising in custom designs.

Initially known as Elle.gnd, the sisters recently rebranded their company to DrielleDranelle, but despite the new name, their goal is the same – for their customers to look good and feel good.

Over their five years of operations, Elle and Edranelle have attracted a clientele who require custom pieces ranging from day wear to evening wear for special occasions such as proms and graduations.

The popularity of their custom designs has proven the sisters have found a niche market and put them on the path towards developing their own line of ready-to-wear fashion their customers can purchase from retailers.

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