Naturally Inspired from Generation to Generation: Health and Wellness Brand Sugar Town Organics


(CaribExport Press Release) Since launching her health and wellness brand ‘Sugar Town Organics’ in 2010, Kittian entrepreneur Anastasha Elliott has been very busy.

The company’s debut product line ‘Yaphene’ consisted of natural soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. A spinoff of organic and vegan food items followed shortly afterwards called ‘Flauriel’.

In 2019, the ‘Marapa’ luxury beauty range was added to the Sugar Town Organics family, and in 2020 the newest member arrived – ‘Baba Lullaby’ – which caters for babies and children.

Every single product is methodically handcrafted by Anastasha and two other full-time employees using traditional extraction, blending, mixing and infusion techniques. Some of the nourishing indigenous ingredients used include aloe, lemongrass, roselle, hibiscus, papaya and coconut.

Anastasha harvests most of those fruits, along with medicinal herbs and spices, from a mini-farm in the backyard of her home but she also works with six local farmers for a variety of raw materials.

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