Internet Governance Forum promotes inclusive digital future for all

The COVID-19 pandemic has markedly increased internet traffic, as many activities have moved online (Photo via UNICEF)

(United Nations News) Leveraging the power of the Internet while tackling the risks of cyberspace is the focus of a UN meeting underway in Katowice, Poland, this week. 

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) brings together more than 7,000 innovators, big tech executives, young people, ministers and parliamentarians to spur efforts to build an open, secure and free digital future for all. 

In his video message to the opening session on Tuesday, UN Secretary-General António Guterres spoke of how the COVID-19 pandemic has underlined the forum’s theme of ‘Internet United’. 

The global crisis has highlighted the life-changing power of the Internet, he said, with digital technology enabling millions to work, study and socialise safely online. 

Yet it has also magnified the digital divide and the dark side of technology, as evidenced by “the lightning-fast spread of misinformation”, for example. 

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