Can we turn carbon dioxide to stone to fight climate change?

It's estimated that human activities are responsible for emitting about 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide a year. Photo by Athit Perawongmetha via Reuters)
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(NBC News) As more heat-trapping carbon dioxide continues to concentrate in our atmosphere — and to wreak havoc on our climate — scientists are desperately seeking solutions. Some are looking for ways to limit the greenhouse gas we spew from smokestacks, tailpipes and the like; others, whose efforts remain largely under the radar, are aiming to thin the layer of gas that already blankets our planet.

One group of researchers in Canada, taking the latter approach, may have hit upon a novel yet ancient idea: harness and accelerate the carbon-absorbing power of rocks.

“We have to learn how to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, because we’ve already put too much into it,” said Roger Aines, a senior scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s energy program, who was not involved in the research. “Just making everything electric. Just making everything renewable. We have to do that, but that’s not enough.”

Throwing rocks at the problem, in other words, could make a significant dent.

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