CARICOM Triennial Awardee, women’s rights pioneer, Magda Pollard, dies

CARICOM Triennial Awardee, Ms. Magda Pollarad (Photo via Stabroek News)
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CARICOM Triennial Awardee, Ms. Magda Pollard, has died.

Ms. Pollard, a national of Guyana, was the first Women’s Affairs Officer at the CARICOM Secretariat where she spearheaded the development of a programme for women in CARICOM. The initiatives and programmes the Women’s Desk produced gave impetus to the process of gender mainstreaming within CARICOM and set the agenda for the integration of actions and policies to benefit women in regional programmes.

In addition to the CARICOM Triennial Award which she received in 1993, Ms. Pollard was also awarded Guyana’s Cacique Crown of Honour, and the Golden Arrow of Achievement.

Please read more about Ms. Pollard here


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