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CARICOM Assistant Secretary-General, Trade and Economic Integration, Mr. Joseph Cox
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(Barbados Today) Against the stark reality of a world that is closing opportunities for young people to emigrate and follow in the footsteps of their foreparents, CARICOM is opening doors, building connections, and making a larger space for them in the region.

Many of those expansive opportunities for Barbadian and other young people of the region already exist in Caribbean Community agreements to which most governments have signed on. Many more are on the way to present openings for school, college, and university leavers to seamlessly relocate across the 15-nation grouping to take up jobs and live.

This was core message delivered to a group of young people ranging in age from about 17 to 29 when they sat with Barbados’ Ambassador to CARICOM, David Comissiong, and the organisation’s Assistant Secretary General for Trade and Economic Integration, Joseph Cox.

“All across the world some countries are building physical walls; other countries are building walls based on laws and regulations. All of these walls, whether physical or legislative, are being built to keep out people who look like us,” Comissiong told the young group assembled in the Ministry of Youth yesterday for a session titled, ‘A conversation on CARICOM’.

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