Calypso to be taught in schools

Calypso Rose one of the icons of the genre (Photo via CNC3)
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(LoopTT) Education Minister Anthony Garcia and members of the Ministry of Education’s Strategic Executive Team met with the President and the Assistant General Secretary of the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO), Lutalo ‘Brother Resistance’ Masimba and Shirlane Hendrickson, to discuss joint initiatives aimed at promoting calypso in schools.

The meeting, held at the Education Tower in Port-of-Spain on Friday, was a continuation of previous discussions held on the use of calypso as a tool for teaching and learning.

As TUCO observes Calypso History Month, Minister Garcia saw this as an opportunity to revitalise the teaching of calypso in the nation’s schools through the Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum.

“It is incumbent upon us that we ensure that all our young charges are exposed to all aspects of our cultural heritage, notably the steelpan and calypso which gave birth to so many sub-genres that we enjoy today,” Minister Garcia stated.

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