EU ACP-CTA, IICA Workshop to Promote Trade and Investment in Caribbean Agrotourism

A taste of the Caribbean! (Photo via Craig Hawke)
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The issue of strengthening the linkage between Agri-Food Sector and Tourism in the Caribbean Region will be the focus of a Regional Agrotourism Policy Setting Workshop, jointly hosted by the ACP-EU Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).

Since 2002, IICA has led efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean in Agrotourism and since 2012, CTA and IICA have joined forces in raising awareness on Agrotourism in the Caribbean Region amongst the various chain actors and, importantly, amongst the policy makers. Together, the two international agencies have secured under the Intra-ACP envelope of the 11th EDF, a ‘basket’ of funds in the amount of 35 million Euros for agrotourism development in the Caribbean Region. Six Caribbean countries, including Barbados are already in the process of developing national agrotourism proposals to be considered for funding from this basket.

This regional workshop brings together some 60 regional public and private sector stakeholders to discuss regional opportunities for increasing trade of Agri-Food products, and investment in agribusiness development, particularly in rural communities, in partnership with the tourism sector. The expected outcome of the workshop is the identification of a major regional project on agrotourism which will be submitted for funding under the 11th EDF envelope.

The Workshop will be held on October 9-10 at the Radisson Aquatica Resort, Barbados. H.E. Elizabeth Thompson, Barbados’ Ambassador to the United Nations will deliver the Keynote Address on Day 1 of the Workshop. Technical sessions which follow will focus on models for regional production integration and trade of priority food commodities (fresh and processed) required by the tourism/food service sector across the Caribbean, and successful initiatives for the development of unique rural-based attractions that capitalise on the shared heritage and traditions of the Member States of the Region.

Presentations will be made by practitioners involved in new technologies in agricultural production and fisheries; regional buyers in the hotel, food service and supermarket trade; and from managers of world-class Agrotourism tours based in the Region.

Day 2 of the Workshop focuses on support services and capacity development, including successful virtual trading platforms being applied in Saint Lucia and Jamaica and benefitting hundreds of farmers and and top hotels, and a recent Toolkit for Community Based Tourism. Facilitation of financial transactions for trade and investment, application of Blockchain technology in helping young Caribbean Agripreneurs access finance, and where to access technical and financial assistance, will also be discussed on Day 2.

Participants will experience a full day of tours on Day 3 to two of Barbados’ top agrotourism sites, Adams Aqualife Aquaponics farm and the PEG Biodynamic farm.

For further information contact Ena Harvey, IICA Agrotourism Specialist (, or Isolina Boto, CTA (

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