Paradise Destinations Say It’s Time to Pay Up for Climate

Scene of destruction in The Bahamas after the passage of Category Five Hurricane Dorian (Photo via Reuters)
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From Belize to Jamaica, rising temperatures and sea levels are threatening some of the most picturesque vacation getaways.

(Bloomberg) Two of the worst storms ever recorded hit developing nations this year, supercharged by rising global temperatures. Now there’s an international push to link the billions of dollars in devastation to climate change and compel rich, industrial nations to pay.

From the Bahamas to Mozambique, many of the nations better known as exotic holiday destinations are increasingly blaming climate change for more violent storms passing through. They’ve raised the issue at a United Nations conference that continues this week in Madrid.

Envoys from almost 200 nations are talking about how to compensate countries for the impacts of global warming. This logic has been at the core of international climate diplomacy for three decades: not all countries should shoulder equal costs for a shift in the environment caused by burning fossil fuels.

“Developing countries are not responsible for climate change,” Brazil Environment Minister Ricardo Salles said in an interview in Madrid. “Responsible is mainly the rich world that engaged in industrial activity for a very long time.”

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