Roshanna Trim talks youth advocacy

Roshanna Trim (Photo via Barbados Today)
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(Barbados Today) Roshanna Trim graced the cover of our inaugural issue of Today’s Woman where she spoke about using her voice to empower women and girls. We now continue her story as we delve into her passion for youth advocacy.

How can more young people become active forces of change in their communities?

I think it’s really important to identify exactly what issues you’re passionate about because it’s easy to try to be everything for everyone. When you stretch yourself too thin, then you’re not as passionate about what you’re doing. So you have to choose the pace at which you want to effect change. Ask yourself, “what is the change that you want to see”? Once you have chosen that space where you want to see a change, you must then identify how you could begin to do it.

What exactly is the purpose and the importance of the youth council in Barbados?

The youth council is really the umbrella organisation for all youth organisations in Barbados. Our goal is to create programs and policies and to advise the government on the issues and challenges for young people. Basically, we are the voice of the youth at the table.

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