Trinbagonian Calypso Rose continues to reign

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Last year Beyonce was named the first African-American female to headline the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California, boasting sold-out crowds of more than 70,000 it is arguably the biggest music festival in America.

This year, another first registered in the music discography when Tobago’s own Calypso Rose was inscribed as the oldest performer to ever challenge the great west coast stage.

At age 78, she took to the stage two weekends in a row and in her inimitable style, gyrated to the sounds of her twin-island calypso and soca beats to win approval from a diverse crowd of mostly-millennial music fans — many of whom admittedly conceded they had never heard of the Caribbean queen but will now add her to their playlist.

Reportedly social media found her “adorable.”

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